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Motivational interviewing is advanced practice. Regular application in therapeutic conversations will lead to effective change in patients. To accelerate the process, healthcare professionals can lead Choices & Changes workshops with peers where the discussion about motivational interviewing techniques sharpens professional practice. What you "preach" you really "practice".

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a faculty of the healthcare provider workshops.


  1. Workshop Leadership will provide participants with the knowledge, skill, experience, and materials necessary to conduct the Choices & Changes workshop. All participants will have presentation and group process skills that are necessary to facilitate the program.
  2. Clinical Interviewing Skills will provide participants with a conceptual model for effective clinician-patient communication, opportunities for practice, and feedback for improving their own clinical interviewing skills with patients.

    The faculty development training is intense and interactive which includes a combination of large group didactic presentations and small group practice with a ratio of 1 faculty to 4 participants.
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